Our Focus

Our expertise is Fountain-Dispensed Beverages. That single-minded focus allows us to be one of the most prominent providers of concentrates, whether they are poured from a dispensing valve, a bar gun, a juice chiller, a tea tower, a coffee dispenser, or a granita machine. Fountain-dispensed beverages represent high margin for operators. Every pour equals more profit.


Our mixing teams produce over 3 Million gallons of beverage concentrate a year, equating to over 240 Million servings of liquid refreshment. During any given week, over 4.5 Million servings of beverages produced by Smarter Bev are poured throughout the United States – in bars and restaurants, convenience stores, stadiums, hotels, institutional facilities and any other venue that serves, juice, lemonade, tea, nutrient water, energy drinks, coffee and more.


We produce the widest variety of beverages in the industry. Our mixing teams produce real fruit juices, full-flavored soft drinks, colorful frozen beverages, a wide variety of iced teas, Colombian liquid-roast coffee, high-impact energy drinks, and nearly every other beverage.

Quality Assurance

In sourcing our raw materials, we select the finest producers and flavor houses who have a proven track record of quality and most importantly – consistency. Once selected, each inbound lot of raw materials is evaluated by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that the ingredients fall within our stringent guidelines and specifications before being received into our inventory. Once mixed, each batch is analyzed for compliance to lab and organoleptic standards. Following certification within set parameters, your product is released to our production team. Samples are sent to our in-house Micro-Biological stations and plated for testing of microbial activity including indicators for yeast, mold, and anaerobic activity.

Manufacturing Innovation

Our Huntingdon Valley Corporate Manufacturing Facility allows Smarter Bev to provide distinct points-of-difference in the industry including the installation of our Triple Tube High-Temperature/Short Time Pasteurizer. Triple Tube construction ensures that the original flavors are retained during the pasteurization process. The result is a great-tasting, sterile product with an extended shelf life.

Smarter Bev also installed Airflow Controls throughout the production facility. This is a complete lab remodel that allows our Product Development Team to remain in the forefront of new beverage development for on-premise beverages and enhanced processing software for quality assurance.

Product Integrity

Smarter Bev ensures that our coding system, which allows for drill up and drill down traceability of all raw materials and packaging, is correct and in place. Our ingredient declarations are routinely scrutinized for compliance to current FDA standards. Our products are created, packaged, and labeled with the greatest integrity.


At Smarter Bev, we strive for excellence. Smarter Bev’s production facility is Level 2 SQF certified. SQF is an independent 3rd party audit program and a standard of excellence used by food manufacturers around the world.

Smarter Bev’s dedication to its employees ensures a safe, energized workforce that takes pride in every ounce that’s poured.