Micro-Crafted Soft Drinks

Smarter Bev’s brand of soda and drink syrups including Kodiak Cola, Citrus Splash, Morning Dew and a large variety of other flavors.

Fountainhead Real Sugar Soda

The rebirth of fountain soda – Fountainhead is our gourmet craft soda lineup made with real sugar and other natural ingredients.

National Brands of Soda

Smarter Bev is a licensed National Distributor for all major soda brands including Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-up and Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer.

Harvest Squeeze Fruit Juices

Smarter Bev’s Harvest Squeeze fruit juice lineup incorporates a “Farm to Fountain” philosophy that ensures the finest ingredients are used to create our “farm-fresh” fruit juices

Harvest Squeeze Lemonade

Smarter Bev’s Harvest Squeeze Lemonade is about being real – real lemon juice and real sugar while supporting a real cause. Click here to learn more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

T'ei Iced Teas

Created by tea purists from a blend of the finest Black, Green, and White teas, T’ei is a premium tea refreshment.

Nourish Water Nutrient Water

Drenched with the power to nourish and loaded with vitamins Smarter Bev’s nourisH2O nutrient water is a healthy alternative to other beverages

Re-fuel Energy Drink

Fuel your profits by providing your customers a great tasting energy drink designed to offer you enormous cost-savings.

All Day Café Coffee

All Day Café is Smarter Bev’s bag-in-the-box, shelf-stable premium 100% Colombian gourmet coffee.

Thickened Water

Naturally refreshing, ready-to-serve, thickened water. A perfect solution for institutional care facilities.

Bar Mixers

A full line-up of bar mixers including whiskey sour mix and tonic water. A perfect solution for bars and restaurants.